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Wedding Wish & Gift List

Gregory Sokolowski & Krystal Lazos

Our Hawaii Honeymoon

September 23 to October 3, 2024


Kauai Tubing Adventure

 In addition to a traditional registry the couple has decided to make a honeymoon fund.


Gift this amazing Honeymoon Excursion!


Krystal and Greg will enjoy the lush jungle scenery and float on inner tubes down the historic waterways on Kauai Mountain.


The cost of this excursion for the couple is $326.70. 


Secret Falls Kayaking
& Hiking Adventure

Gift Krystal and Greg this special half-day excursion to Uluwehi Falls (Secret Falls) on kayak followed by a hike in a lush tropical forest on Kauai Island.

The total cost of this excursion for the couple is $230.

If you wish to give a gift they would be thrilled if you contributed toward their honeymoon trip to Hawaii!

Contact us at 610.285.1868 to secure these honeymoon excursions for them!

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