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Choosing an airfare

Updated: May 11, 2020

Basic Economy vs. Economy fare, Don't get fooled!

So, you found a great air fare!

So you are traveling to Europe and you find a great fare, $453.95, Basic Economy, Direct non-stop Philadelphia to Dublin.

However, you are staying for a week and will need to check a suitcase in each direction at and additional $60.00 each way for a total luggage fee of $120.00

At this point, you have saved $20.00, great job!

Keep in mind that the airlines are trying to make as much money as possible off of each traveler they encounter. Sometimes the are providing less service at a higher cost.

You are a party of 5 people and two are children under the age of 12, so you have to have confirmed seats to be next to each other at an additional cost of $80.54 each way for a total seat cost of $161.08

At this point, you have overpaid by $-141.08 per person.

The airlines are very good and making you think you have a deal, when in fact they are baiting you so they can coax you into making additional purchases.

Your free carry-on bag has some valuables in it, but because you are last to board, there may not be any overhead space left on the aircraft, so the airline will check it for you for free however now you are trusting someone else to ensure your valuables do not get damaged

Here is where you could have relied on a Professional Travel Agent who would have done their best to advise you against airfares like this.

Airfare Comparison

(as of 14-APR-2020)


We look forward to welcoming you on your next vacation!

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